Cam Shaft Accessories

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Product Description

Manual Cam Chain Tensioner
Protect your motor from the catastrophic damage of a suddenly loose cam chain
Manual cam chain tensioners prevent the cam chain tensioner from backing off. A tensioner that allows the cam chain to slacken can cause catastrophic engine damage. CNC machined from billet aluminum, then hard anodized, these tensioners look as good as they work.
APE Pro Series Tensioner
APE introduces the Pro Series manual cam chain tensioner. This new tensioner is designed for the racer who frequently adjusts his engine. The easy-access socket head adjuster screw is perfect for tight spaces. The interior o-ring design ensures that repeated adjustments will not eventually flatten the o-ring against a jam nut. The Pro Series tensioner is anodized gun-metal gray, with stainless steel hardware and a fully machined adjuster bolt. It comes with two 6mm mounting bolts and gasket.
Adjustable Cam Sprockets
Unlock additional horsepower by timing your cams for optimal performance. APE adjustable cam sprockets press on the camshaft replacing the non-adjustable OEM sprockets. Offers unlimited adjustment.

Hayabusa Roller Cam Chain Conversion
Replace the main weak link in the ‘busa motor. Now available from APE is a complete roller cam chain conversion for the Suzuki Hayabusa. For serious racers that can not have cam timing fluctuations and / or the risk of the oem style hy-vo cam chain breaking, this kit is the answer. The kit contains special upper and lower cam drive sprockets, camshaft adaptors, and cam chain. Another benefit of this setup is that now longer cam chains are available for racers using the longer stroker crankshafts with tall stroker plates. These kits require modifications to the oem front, back, and top chain guide.

Cam Chains

We offer the stock Suzuki cam chain as well as the Vance & Hines heavy duty cam chain. Vance & Hines Motorsports Hayabusa Cam Chains are produced from the strongest and finest steel available. Recommended in all high performance street and racing applications.