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Product Description

The EK 630MS was specially designed for 500HP drag bikes. It’s quad-staked, has a tensile strength of 11,880 lbs. and is rated for bikes up to 500hp. The pin diameter is .233″, the side plates are .121″ on the inside, outside and master. Recommended application: drag racing up to 500hp. Tensile strength: 11,880 lbs
The EK 530DRZ was specially designed for 300HP drag bikes. This is a great chain for high HP streetbikes also. Recommended application: drag racing up to 300hp. Tensile strength: 11,500 lbs
There can be no returns of chain once it is cut from the roll and shipped

Exoticycle’s innovative bolt on chain tension roller is designed to eliminate chain slack under power. Stops both damage and skipping on high power bikes. Bolts on underbracing of most brands swingarms.
Vortex Aluminum Sprockets are the standard in the race industry. They are CNC Machined from lightweight 7075 T6 aerospace aluminum.
Using superior quality aircraft billet aluminum made in the USA to exact tolerances exceeding American Gear standards, S&S sprockets are of the highest quality. 22 to 74 teeth sizes are available for most models. All sprockets have lightening holes when possible.