Dyna 2000i in Cone Digital Ignition System

The Dyna 2Ki is the newest addition to the successful line of Dyna 2000 ignition systems. The 2Ki not only adds to, but extends many features of the best selling Dyna 2000 module out of sight in a completely new design that fits under the cam cover.
Completely self contained. Entire unit hides under the cam cover for a clean look on custom bikes.
Single Fire operation down to zero rpm for easier cranking and kicking.
Will operate in all combinations of single fire or dual fire with single plug or dual plug heads. (when used with appropriate coils)
8 advance curves to cover a broad range of engine builds and riding styles.
Engine over rev protection adjustable from 6000 to 7500 rpm.
Adjustable timing retard for nitrous and turbo applications.
VOES indicator. Allows you to tell at a glance the status of the VOES switch. Also indicates when retard mode is active. Great for diagnosing faulty vacuum switches or operation of retard controllers.
Built in Tach Driver. Delivers stable tach signal even during rev limiting or can be used to activate shift lights, auto shifters, and other accessories.
Easy static timing with built in timing indicator. No timing light required. Intelligent over current / short circuit protection. Every time power to the ignition is switched on, the 2Ki will check to see if the coil is shorted, mis-wired, or the wrong type. If an error is detected, the 2Ki will immediately switch off and issue a warning by rapidly flashing the status indicator. Besides protecting the unit, this also prevents the costly failure of an improperly matched coil going bad one hour into your ride. After starting, the 2Ki continuously monitors the coil and wiring status.
Active Dwell Control. Continually adjusts coil current to maintain maximum spark energy all the way to redline while eliminating coil stress caused by overcharging at idle. High efficiency design reduces battery draw for easier cold weather starting and lower charging system load.
Ruggedized output – cannot be damaged by broken or disconnected spark plug wires.
Over voltage protected against momentary spikes (both positive and negative going) as well as surges caused by faulty voltage regulators or quick charge battery boosters.
Harness constructed with TXL cross linked polyethylene automotive wire for exceptional resistance to abrasion, heat, and chemical attack. High temp glass braid jacket further increases the toughness of the harness and provides a tight, clean appearance. Wire colors closely match the factory harness for error free installation.
Manufactured with premium quality components specifically qualified for operation in a high temperature / high vibration environment. A one piece aluminum housing and thermally conductive epoxy encapsulation provide superior heat dissipation and outstanding resistance to shock, vibration, and moisture.
Advanced microprocessor technology.
Quartz crystal accuracy.